RealTeachers word spelling class make word memorization easier

Words are one of the most essential elements in English learning. A person’s English proficiency depends to a large extent on the amount of words he has mastered. However, for many English learners, memorizing words is a very difficult task. So, how to overcome this difficulty?
First of all, we should start accumulating words from elementary school. For children, learning English words can start with simple, easy-to-understand words and gradually expand the difficulty. For example, start with learning about everyday objects and animals and gradually expand to learning adjectives, verbs, adverbs, etc. In this way, children can gradually build up their English vocabulary while maintaining interest.
Second, natural spelling is also a very effective method. Unlike Chinese, English words are not always pronounced and spelled the same way. However, there are rules for the spelling of many English words. If we can familiarize ourselves with these rules, we can memorize words more easily. For example, words ending in “-tion” usually indicate an action or process, such as “action” (action), “congratulation” ( (congratulation), etc. Once these patterns are mastered, we can memorize new words by “guessing the word”.
In addition, RealTeachers’ word spelling classes are a great way to learn. This course is taught in the native language and allows students to learn English words in a familiar environment. This not only makes it less difficult for learners, but also helps learners better understand the meaning and usage of words. In addition, this course has a complete vocabulary syllabus that allows learners to learn words in a targeted manner so that they can better improve their English.
Memorizing words is an essential part of learning English. By gradually building up, familiarizing ourselves with the natural spelling rules, and attending word spelling classes, we can master words more easily and achieve better results in reading and writing. If you want to improve your English too, then take action!
In addition to the methods mentioned above, there are some other techniques that can help us remember words better. The following are some suggestions.
1. Make word cards
Write the word on a card with the meaning and usage of the word written on the other side of the card. Then, put the cards in a box. Pull out some cards each day and try to memorize the words.
2. Use root words and affixes
Many words in English have common roots or affixes. For example, “pre-” means “before”, “-ness” means “state”, and “-ful” means “state”. “-ful” means “full”. If we are familiar with the meaning of these roots and affixes, we can memorize words more easily.
3. Reading and Listening
Reading English articles and listening exercises are also very important. Through reading and listening, we can be constantly exposed to new words and memorize them without realizing it. In addition, reading and listening can help us better understand the usage and meaning of words.
In short, memorizing words is a long-term process that requires our constant persistence. Through a combination of methods, we can master words more easily and achieve better results in our English studies.


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