What methods and techniques do you need to learn English from scratch?

As a globally spoken language, English has become the first choice for more and more people to learn. If you have 0 basic English, what are the best ways to start learning English on your own? If you want to sign up for an English tutor, RealTeachers is a good choice. Next, I will give you detailed answers from two aspects of self-learning English and RealTeachers.
I. Self-learning English
For people with 0 basic English, the best way to learn English is to start with basic words. There are many kinds of English words, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc. Beginners can choose the right words to learn according to their actual situation. The way to learn words can be done by using memory cards, which bind the words with their meanings and usages and memorize them repeatedly until they are mastered.
In addition to learning words, beginners also need to learn English grammar. Grammar is the most important part of English learning, and a good grasp of grammar is necessary to better understand the meaning of English sentences. Grammar learning can be done by reading English grammar books and studying English grammar videos.
Beginners also need to learn English pronunciation, which is complex and requires constant practice. Learning English pronunciation can be done through listening training, imitating foreign teachers, etc. It is better to find a pure English tutor and practice pronunciation with him/her.
RealTeachers Tutoring Agency
If you want to join an English tutoring institution for learning, then RealTeachers is a good choice. RealTeachers focuses on the four areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing, allowing students to better learn grammar, reading, writing, speaking and other English language knowledge in a native environment.
RealTeachers’ programs include basic English courses, business English courses, and IELTS TOEFL courses. RealTeachers also offers one-on-one English teaching services, allowing students to communicate better with their teachers, so that teachers can better understand their students’ learning situation and adjust their teaching content and methods in time to improve students’ learning results.

In addition to courses, RealTeachers offers a range of learning resources and tutoring services. Students can find a large number of English learning resources on RealTeachers’ learning platform, such as course videos, listening exercises, reading materials, writing guides, etc., to help students learn English better. In addition, RealTeachers also provides after-school tutoring services so that students can get timely answers and guidance for any problems they encounter in the learning process.

In short, RealTeachers is a professional English education provider with teachers who have extensive teaching experience and teaching skills to help students better grasp English and improve their English in their English studies. If you want to join an English tutoring institute for your studies, RealTeachers is a good choice. If you prefer to learn English on your own, you can learn from the basics of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, etc. Listen more, speak more and practice more, and I believe you will be able to achieve good results in your English learning.


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