Immersion in a native English classroom

Company Introduction

  • RealTeachers Pty Ltd is a leading, professional and reputable recruitment and online tutoring company, based in Melbourne, Australia.
  • There are 3 main departments underneath the RealTeachers’ banner. They are RealTeachers Online Teaching for all ages (RTOT), 3RealMates for teenagers and Sugar Glider for children. All the brands are registered internationally.
  • With the head office based in Melbourne CBD, RealTeachers has a second Australian office located in Perth and a subsidiary in China.
  • Having the strong IT technical team provides 24-hour global support at any time, the company’s websites, and, are able to service customers stably all over the world.
  • The online real-time interaction of foreign teachers makes the classroom more immersive, so that students can continue to learn in the original native language environment. We feel an unparalleled sense of happiness in seeing the progress of each student.

RealTeachers Online Education​


Native Australian Teachers


Online students


Students of different countries


Super high renewal rate

Development Path


2017/08 Established the Headquarters in Australia

RealTeachers was founded in August 2017 by Belinda Kappe.


2017/10 Send Teachers Overseas

 Start recruiting and training qualified TESOL teachers and dispatch them overseas to meet the market demand for native English-speaking foreign teachers.


2017 – 2019 Recruiting Qualified TESOL Teachers

Begin recruiting qualified TESOL teachers and collaborate with university professors to develop textbooks with Independent Intellectual Property rights to conduct high-quality online teaching activities.


2018/12 Relocation of Australian Company Headquarters

Headquarters relocated to 400 Collins Street in the heart of Melbourne. In the same year, we won the Best Employer Award from Matchworks, Australia’s largest government recruitment agency.


2019/01 3RealMates Project Launch

The 3RealMates brand was founded in January 2019, and in April 2019, international trademark registration was carried out both in China and Australia.

In the same year, it was listed as a Designated Youth Service Organization by the City of Whittlesea, Melbourne and the City of Kwinana, Western Australia. Since then, it has also signed and established in-depth cooperative relations with many senior high schools represented by Southern River College.


2020/08 Established a Subsidiary in China

At the invitation of the Hainan Provincial Government, an overseas wholly-owned enterprise was registered and established in Sanya, and an online English training school license was obtained.

In the same year, it received a special support fund from the Melbourne Whittlesea Municipal Government.


2021/06 Expand Strategic Partners

Signed strategic cooperation agreements with Rise English, Sesame Street English, French Paris Chinese School, Sydney Longfeng Chinese, Indonesian Fun Garden, Beijing Middle School, etc., to provide them with high-quality teachers and courses. Between 2020 and 2021, RealTeachers was awarded the title of “Enterprise Pioneer” by the Australian Federal Government and received special support funds accordingly.


08 2022 Participate in Government Projects

In 2022, RealTeachers obtained the qualification of the designated cooperative organization of the Reading and Writing Hotline of the Australian federal government.

In the same year, it reached a large enterprise cooperative relationship with the Victorian government’s Northlink project.

RealTeachers Advantage


Covering All


Authentic English Teaching


Advanced Teaching Philosophy


Australian Teaching Methods

Business layout in Australia and China

Professional Assessment

Comprehensive Quality, Career Direction, Professional Evaluation on Psychological Quality

Teaching Ability Training

TESOL Full Content Training

Innovational topics

Exploratory Pedagogy Training


Determine the Subject of the Trial Lecture, Arrange the Trial Lecture Time, Comprehensive Investigation on the Psychological Quality, English Pronunciation and Logical Thinking Ability

Pre-job Training

Company Management System

Teaching Platform and Websites Training



Strictly Select 100% Australian Native English Teachers

5A English Teachers: Articulate, Accredited, Able, Accommodating, Approachable

5E Teaching Style: Engaging, Exploring, Explaining, Elaborating, Evaluating

Teaching Materials


Global Exclusive Copyright Teaching Materials

Interdisciplinary Reading

The newly developed interdisciplinary reading style allows children to learn English in the native language environment, expand their knowledge, and lay a good foundation for becoming a new type of talent in the 21st century.

Rich in Content inputting

Covering more than 40 genres (fiction, non-fiction, language arts) and other interesting reading topics, providing support to students in terms of language, content background, positive values and attitudes

Values Education

Values education is naturally integrated into the English curriculum. Cultivate children’s tenacity in subtle ways, have the courage to take responsibility, learn to share and care for others, be able to creatively solve problems, persist in chasing their dreams, and be a good citizen.

Structured Course Module Design

Professional curriculum design and selection of teaching materials, focusing on the overall situation and paying attention to details, guide children to learn English step by step from extensive reading to word selection and sentence construction, so as to achieve the best learning effect.

Admission Assessment to Locate Learning Shortcomings

Provide assessment for relevant courses, accurately identify children’s learning shortcomings, customize exclusive learning plans, and break through barriers in study.

Periodic Assessment to Consolidate Learning Effect

Periodic tests are conducted to deepen the understanding and application of the knowledge learned; through targeted comments and feedback, further increase the absorption of knowledge, so as to consolidate the achievement.

LLPTQ Uplifting Counselling

We strictly follow the rules of second language Training, i.e.: Listening, Learning, Practicing, Testing and Questioning cycle(LLPTQ), enhancing tutoring interaction, providing closed-loop teaching.

Regular Learning Report

Transparent Teaching Quality,Learning Reports be provided regularly to keep parents be updated with students’ latest learning status. Applying high standards and strict requirements to ensure transparent and visible teaching quality



Data Driven Teaching and Research, Four-Dimensional Integrated Closed-Loop Teaching

Test Questions


Massive Question Bank


The eight divisional centers operate independently and work collaboratively to ensure that the company operates in an orderly manner.

0perational Architecture

Market Center, R&D Center, Network Security Center, Financial Center, Operation Management Center, Chinese Teacher Training Center, Australian Teacher Human Resources Center, User Experience Center

The Team


Operations Center

RealTeachers’ Expert Team

Currently, RealTeachers has a R&D team of 19 independent textbook development experts in Australia from the University of Melbourne, Monash University, University of Western Australia, University of New South Wales and University of Newcastle. It has 26 sets of electronic textbooks on intellectual property rights filed worldwide. Established long-term and stable cooperative relations with TESOL certificate online training institutions covering the world. Share the job search database with Matchworks, the largest government’s official recruitment agency in Australia. Co-organized annual recruitment sessions with 17 colleges and universities in Australia and hundreds of public and private high schools to ensure timely recruitment of high-quality foreign teachers.
At the same time, relying on the advantages of being rooted in Australia, RealTeachers also provides high-quality certified foreign teachers to mainland China, and has now sent Australian foreign teachers to 12 provinces in China.


At the beginning of 2020, European projects such as France Lyon, Portugal and Italy Bergamo were successively introduced and signed. After steady planning, perennial class projects such as Pure English Picture Book Reading Course and LEAP Comprehensive English Course were opened one by one.

European Projects are Launched One after Another



Cooperative Classroom Scene Showcase




Wholly Foreign-Owned Company External Recruitment of Chinese Partners

In August 2020, a wholly foreign-owned enterprise was established in Sanya Free Trade Port, Hainan, China: Hainan Sanwuhaoyou Australia-China Education Co., Ltd.
Chinese partners are wanted, global innovational peer education project, mature business model, sincerely invite to cooperate for business excellence.


RealTeachers Ltd Pty is a local Australian online education company.