How can I improve my English listening skills quickly?

English listening is a very important aspect of learning English, and for learners, improved listening skills can not only help them understand the English language better, but also improve their English speaking and writing skills. However, for beginners, what should they do when they listen to some English type of audio and can’t understand it? Is it necessary to persist in listening? This article will answer these questions and provide you with some effective ways to quickly improve your English listening skills.
For beginners, it is normal to listen to some English type audio, such as English songs, movies, TV shows, news, lectures, etc., and you may encounter a situation where you can’t understand them. First of all, don’t get discouraged, but keep listening. Because only by listening to it regularly can you gradually get used to English speech and intonation and accumulate more knowledge of the language. In addition, there are several ways for beginners to help them understand the English language better.
1. Learn the basics first
English is a language, so learning to listen to English requires some basic knowledge, such as the rules of English pronunciation, the meaning of words, and grammar. This basic knowledge can be acquired by taking English courses, reading English textbooks, listening to English courses, and interacting with native speakers. Once you have mastered these basics, you will be able to better understand English speech and intonation and improve your listening skills.
2. Choose the right learning materials for you
Beginners can choose simple English learning materials such as children’s stories, English textbooks, simple movies, etc. These materials are relatively simple, the language is not overly complex and easy to understand, which can help beginners get started better. When the listening level of beginners has improved, you can choose some slightly more difficult materials, such as English songs, English movies, etc.
3、Listen to the same paragraph repeatedly
When you encounter sentences or words that are difficult to understand, you can listen to the same passage over and over again until you understand it. This method can help beginners gradually become familiar with English speech and intonation, and deepen their understanding of some words and sentences.
4、Learning through subtitles
Beginners can watch movies and TV shows with subtitles to help them learn English listening. When the beginner can not understand, you can watch the subtitles to understand the content of the movie or TV series. Slowly, when the beginner’s English listening has improved, you can try to turn off the subtitles and try to understand the content of the movie or TV series by yourself.
5, more practice listening
English listening requires constant practice and accumulation, and only after many listening exercises can you gradually improve your listening skills. Beginners can choose some English learning materials related to their interests, such as English songs, movies, documentaries, etc., and spend a certain amount of time every day to practice listening and continuously improve their listening skills.
In addition to the methods mentioned above, there are some other tips that can help beginners improve their English listening skills faster, such as
1. Know the common spoken abbreviations and common phrases
There are many common abbreviations and phrases in spoken English, such as gonna (going to), wanna (want to), ain’t (am not/is not/are not), what’s up, how’s it going, and so on. Knowing these common abbreviations and phrases can help beginners understand spoken English better.
2. Pay attention to English phonetics and intonation
English phonetics and intonation are very important for listening to English. Beginners need to pay attention to the characteristics of English phonetics and intonation, such as English stress, rising and falling intonation, etc. Also, beginners need to pay attention to their own pronunciation and try to imitate the speech and intonation of native English speakers.
3、Practice listening skills
English listening requires some skills, such as predicting, inferring, and identifying key words. Beginners can practice these listening skills by listening to some simple English materials so that they can better apply them in their future English learning.
In conclusion, improving your English listening skills requires constant practice and accumulation, and beginners can gradually improve their English listening skills by using the above methods and techniques. In addition, if you want to improve your English listening skills faster, you can consider going to a professional English learning institution, such as RealTeachers online education, where all native teachers teach and improve yourself in the original classroom environment. Finally, don’t give up, believe in yourself and believe you can do it!


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