Immersive learning, interactive foreign teachers, RealTeachers English reading a-z cours is here!

In today’s globalized era, English has become an important language that plays an important role in international communication, business activities, and academic research. As a result, many parents want their children to build a solid foundation and acquire a certain level of English proficiency in the process of learning English. However, learning English is not an easy task for many children, especially if they do not have enough interest and motivation. So, how do you get your child interested in learning English? The Reading A-Z course is a great option, and RealTeachers Online Education offers this course so that children can improve their English in a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment.
Reading A-Z is a reading-based program that allows children to learn English by reading picture books. The course materials are picture books selected by the RealTeachers education team that are of interest to children and will capture their attention and allow them to naturally acquire words and sentence patterns as they read. Moreover, the picture books are selected according to children’s age and English level, so each child will be able to find the most suitable reading material and gradually improve their English while reading.
The Reading A-Z program is a graded reading program that includes multiple levels, from Level 0 to Level Z, covering different English levels. Regardless of their English level, children will be able to find the right level in the Reading A-Z program so that they can improve their English as they continue to read. In addition, the different levels are interconnected and knowledge is constantly recurring, allowing English levels to spiral upward in a scientific and effective manner.
The Reading A-Z program also focuses on practicality. The sentences in the program are easy to use and easy to understand, so children can apply them to their lives after reading. In addition, the curriculum also incorporates science, general knowledge and values, so that children not only learn English, but also learn more about knowledge and culture.
In addition to the graded reading picture book program, RealTeachers has also launched the Reading A-Z English picture book program for outside teachers. This program uses children’s favorite picture books as the main teaching material, allowing children to naturally acquire words and sentence patterns while reading. This way of learning can better stimulate children’s interest in learning English and let them improve their English without realizing it.
The Reading A-Z picture book program adopts a new teaching style and philosophy. The sentences are simple and easy to understand, and children can apply them to their lives after reading. At the same time, each level is finely divided, so that 0 basic can learn. The different levels are interrelated and the knowledge is constantly repeated, allowing the English level to spiral up scientifically and effectively. This teaching style is completely in accordance with the child’s learning situation, so that children can learn different knowledge at different stages, to achieve progressive improvement.
The Reading A-Z picture book program is taught by a team of native Australian tutors who have extensive experience in teaching, are good at analyzing learning situations, and are able to give students individualized lessons. These teachers are not only teachers, but also mentors for the children, inspiring them to develop a strong interest in English and helping them to master the language.
The curriculum of the Reading A-Z picture book program is well designed to meet the English learning needs of different children. The curriculum covers all aspects of children’s lives, including not only scientific knowledge and general knowledge, but also many interesting stories and trivia points. This content stimulates children’s curiosity and curiosity, allowing them to learn more while learning English.
In addition to the high quality teaching team and comprehensive curriculum, Reading A-Z picture book programs come with a dedicated tutor and after-school practice. The foreign tutors are able to establish a good teacher-student relationship with the child, understand the child’s learning situation, and create a personalized learning plan according to the child’s situation.


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