Speaking Lessons with RealTeachers: An Enriching Learning Experience

RealTeachers’ speaking programs provide students with an enriching learning experience. The courses are extensive and include many topics that can be customized to meet the needs of the student. Also, students have the freedom to choose their instructors or seniors, making the lessons more flexible. This way of learning not only helps students to improve their English, but also promotes cross-cultural interactions and the meeting of ideas.
First of all, RealTeachers’ speaking courses cover many different topics, such as travel, culture, life, and entertainment. These topics are closely related to students’ practical needs, enabling them to learn more about their culture while mastering English. For example, students may choose to learn how to express their opinions and views in English in different situations, or learn how to communicate and converse when traveling overseas. These topics are practical and relevant, and can help students better apply English in real-life situations.
Second, RealTeachers’ speaking programs offer flexible customization of class content. Depending on the actual needs and levels of the students, the teacher can adjust and customize the class content so that each lesson can meet the needs of the students. For example, for students with weak speaking skills, teachers can design some basic exercises such as word memorization and pronunciation practice; for students with strong speaking skills, teachers can provide more challenging topics and exercises such as debates and speeches. This kind of class content customization can help students improve their English faster.
In addition, RealTeachers’ speaking courses offer a variety of teaching styles, so students can choose different teachers or tutors according to their needs. This style of instruction helps students better adapt to different accents and speaking speeds, and improve their listening and speaking skills. For example, students can choose an English or Australian teacher to teach them, so that they can better understand and adapt to a different language environment. In addition, students can also choose to be taught by a senior who is close to their age or in the same field of study, so that they can not only understand the content better, but also be able to communicate and interact with them.
Finally, RealTeachers’ speaking programs promote cross-cultural interaction and the exchange of ideas.


RealTeachers Ltd Pty is a local Australian online education company.