From basic English to test-taking, RealTeachers helps you achieve your academic goals

RealTeachers is an online education provider that specializes in English language learning and localized subject learning in Australia. The teachers are native speakers, experienced in teaching, and the content is customizable to provide 1v1 or 1v multiple lessons for students. Here are some of the features and benefits of RealTeachers.
Foreign teachers, native speakers
RealTeachers’ teachers are native speakers who not only provide students with an authentic English language learning environment, but also help students better understand the English culture and way of thinking. In addition, the teachers at this institution have a great advantage when teaching Australian localized subjects.
Customized course content
RealTeachers’ course content can be customized. Students can work with their teachers to develop lesson plans and course content based on their learning needs and goals. This allows you to better meet your students’ learning needs and increase your learning efficiency.
1v1 or 1vMulti-Learning Service
RealTeachers supports 1v1 or 1vMultiple lessons. The 1v1 mode is better suited to meet the individual needs of students, making it easier for students to ask their own questions and confusion during the learning process. The 1vMulti mode is more suitable for students to communicate and interact with each other.
Experienced teachers
RealTeachers’ teachers are all experienced foreign teachers. They have a wealth of experience in teaching and can better help students with their learning problems and difficulties. They are also able to make better judgments and assessments of students’ learning situations, so that they can provide more professional guidance and advice to students.
Highly regarded teaching quality
RealTeachers’ programs and teachers are well regarded. Many students and parents speak highly of the quality of instruction and services provided by the organization. They believe that RealTeachers’ content-rich courses and experienced teachers provide a better learning experience and assistance to students.
RealTeachers also offers a series of test tutoring courses, including IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. Through customized course arrangements and professional teaching methods, RealTeachers helps students improve their test scores and reach their academic goals.
In addition, for students in Australia, RealTeachers also offers specialized VCE Math, Biology and Chemistry courses that provide targeted instruction in these subjects to help students better prepare for their academic exams.
In addition to these courses, RealTeachers also offers NAPLAN exam training courses to help students excel in this national standardized exam. The courses cover all the test points of the NAPLAN exam and provide targeted instruction and practice to better prepare students for this exam.
In short, RealTeachers has a wide variety of courses that not only meet the academic needs of students, but also help students improve their English and adapt to an international study and work environment. Also, all teachers are native speakers with extensive experience, and the programs are customized to meet the individual needs of each student. Whether you are looking to improve your English skills or breakthrough in your academic exams, RealTeachers offers professional tutoring and support to help students achieve better grades and more opportunities.


RealTeachers Ltd Pty is a local Australian online education company.