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High-quality English course provider, one-stop solution of improving comprehensive English ability


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$339/10 lessons


$640/20 lessons

From Graded Reading
to Proactive Reading Course

$680/10 lessons


$600/10 lessons

(All year Level)

Teaching Star

Select local English teachers with rich teaching experience in Australia
the United States, England and Canada to escort your English learning path

Teacher Dom


Teacher Kelly


Teacher Sandy


Teacher Charmaine


Digital Teaching and Research​

Give you the most professional teaching experience!

Entrance Assessment

Matching tutors with high degree of fit according to students' foundations and interests, and implementing a graded teaching model.

Humanized Teaching Content

Seamless connection of knowledge points with international education standards, intelligent generation of exclusive online teaching plan.

Homework Assignment

The structured curriculum modules are designed to allow children to learn to improve their English step by step from reading to writing

Regular practice and tests

Periodic evaluation of teaching and learning. Adjust learning progress according to student's curriculum growth path.

Refined Teaching Materials

Interdisciplinary Reading

We’ll generate a sitemap for your site, submit it to search engine is and track crawler access.

Rich Content Input

providing support for learners in terms of language, content background, positive values and attitudes.

Values Education

Values education is naturally integrated into the English curriculum, children can learn to take responsibility

Structured Course Design

Structured module design and the selection of topics Let children learn English step by step from reading to writing

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Intimate Service​

One-to-one directional service, worry-free learning

Exclusive Growth Path

Followed by enrolment assessment, the one-on-one Course Consultant will provide student with customized and exclusive Learning Growth Plan, so that substantial progress can be viewed and supervised all the way.

Online Knowledge Sharing Community

By registering, you can join the knowledge sharing and interactive group. The Parents-Kids-School, three-way education communication can be held more conveniently and in time. Free public classes are also to be held regularly on our teaching platform.

Massive Question Bank

The platform is equipped with a large size of question bank, covering knowledge points of all grades, question types and levels. Children can access that to continue to advance and consolidate their knowledge after classes.

Real-time Tracking of Learning Process

Parents and Course Consultants can track the current classes in real time. That makes the Learning process be fully transparent and monitorable. The built-in playback function of the platform makes the after-class review so convenient and trouble free.

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